Income-Based Affordable Housing

Income-based affordable housing is one housing option available to people who have a mental illness. The primary eligibility requirement is the applicant's income. This is permanent, lease-based housing for singles or families, and may be single or shared units.

Housing Types | How to Apply

Housing Types

    • The New York City Housing Authority manages public housing
    •  Rent is based on the welfare shelter allowance and/or 30% of employment income, SSA or SSI
    • There are restrictions and disqualifications that apply to public housing for persons with criminal justice histories
    • Section 8, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, provides rent subsidies for eligible low-income families and single adults 
    • Applicants select housing in a neighborhood of their choice from a landlord willing to participate in the program
    • Rent subsidies (vouchers) allow recipients to pay a reasonable share of their income (usually 30%) toward rent while the program, within specific limits, makes up the remaining payment
  • Private/Non-Profit Affordable Housing
    This is housing that often has a Federal, State or City subsidy attached to it that reduces the rent for eligible individuals and families.  Additional eligibility requirements may apply.

    Lists of website resources:

    The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development

    New York State Housing
    A website where you can search for accessible, affordable housing options across the state of New York.

How to Apply

  • New York City Housing Authority(NYCHA) Public Housing

    Contact the NYCHA local office at:

  • Brooklyn           350 Livingston Street, 2nd floor         (718) 250-5900
  • Bronx               1 Fordham Plaza, 5th floor                 (718) 329-7859
  • Manhattan         55 West 125th Street 7th floor           (212) 828-7100
  • Queens             120-34 Queens Boulevard, 2nd floor  (718) 286-7500
  • Staten Island     120 Stuyvesant Place, 2nd floor,        (718) 448-7326

Contact the local Section 8 Applications Office at:

  • Brooklyn / Staten Island, 350 Livingston Street, 2nd floor (718) 250-5900
  • Bronx, 1 Fordham Plaza, 5th floor, (718) 329-7859
  • Manhattan / Queens, 55 West 125th Street, 7th floor (212) 828-7100
  • Private/ Non-Profit Affordable Housing
    To apply for this type of housing, applicants have to contact the private/non-profit owner/manager directly. Contact one of the following agencies below for a directory of apartments:

    1. NYC Dept of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)
      Look under "For Apartment-Seekers" for Affordable Apartments Listing or call 311

    2. NYC Housing Development Corporation
      Offers a range of affordable housing options, and maintains listings of its financed apartments. Call HDC for a copy of their listing at (212) 227-5500. 

    3. New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
      Call 212-480-6700 or 518-402-3728 for a listing of DHC R-financed housing

    4. Mitchell-Lama Housing
      Mitchell-Lama housing does not generally provide supportive services, but limited services such as transportation, social services, and leisure activities are available in some developments. Rents and carrying charges vary throughout the Mitchell-Lama developments, as do income requirements. Generally, for a household of three persons or less, annual income may not exceed seven times the annual rent.

    5. The NYS Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
      Has eviction prevention programs and information about affordable housing throughout New York State. Phone: 718-852-6592 or 518-432-6757

    6. NYC Affordable Housing Resource Center
      Provides information on all aspects of City housing including renting an apartment, buying a home and apartment maintenance issues. All of the City's affordable housing lottery listings are also available through this site.

    7. Supportive Housing Network of New York
      Complete list of supportive housing sites in New York City, which includes apartments for people without special needs as well as working individuals

    8. HUD Veteran Resource Center
      This directory is designed to increase knowledge of and participation in the wide variety of HUD homeless assistance programs and services for veterans and other individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

    9. NY Homes
      The Web site contains comprehensive information about the New York State agencies dedicated to creating and promoting affordable housing, such as the New York State Housing Finance Agency (HFA), which finances affordable housing in New York City, including 80/20 housing. For further information on housing specifically available through HFA, please click here.

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